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Proposed North Carolina law to address immigrant college students

A new law in North Carolina has been proposed to keep young immigrants from attending state and community colleges in North Carolina. As U.S. immigration law becomes a current issue, more states, like North Carolina, are changing their laws based on new policies.

Under current law, immigrant students are only able to attend the university if they also attended high school in the United States. Existing law does not bar immigrants from attending university, but it does require them to pay out of state tuition.

The representative who proposed the bill stated that he believes that immigrants should become citizens before receiving the benefits of higher education. Local students offered different opinions about the issue. One believed that illegal immigrants should not enjoy the same benefits as legal citizens, while another felt that people who come here to work should also have the opportunity to get a good education.

If the law does pass, those who are currently in college and paying out of state tuition would be allowed to finish their degree programs. If the bill passes, only immigrants who become U.S. citizens would be allowed to enroll in the future. As immigration law continues to change and new laws are proposed, the state of the law can become even more confusing. An experienced immigration attorney can help North Carolina residents understand the complexities of state and federal immigration rules.

Source: WCTI 12, "NC bill would end undocumented immigrants' enrollment," Jamie Hicks, March 6, 2013.

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