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AFL-CIO discussing immigration reform in North Carolina

With all the discussion surrounding immigration, many different organization have begun to take sides and to hold discussions on the merits of reform bills. The AFL-CIO recently kicked off its nationwide tour to discuss U.S. Immigration Law reform in North Carolina. The union is scheduled to hold 14 rallies across the country in the coming months.

The AFL-CIO is seeking to encourage Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship. The union believes that making it easier for immigrants to become citizens will promote higher wages and better health care for workers. The union does not want a bill to pass that does not include a path to citizenship. They say that if there is no path to citizenship but only rights for workers, it will create a second-class group of workers.

In addition to a 14-city tour, the AFL-CIO is planning a large-scale campaign. The union will be going door to door, encouraging voters to support their current immigration proposal. They will also be passing out leaflets and taking out air time on radio and television.

While the proposals are debated in the nation's capital, the debate is going to spread out and affect voters all across the nation. As the plan continues to be discussed, businesses, labor organizations, and other groups are going to pick sides of the issue and begin campaigns. As the law continues to be debated and discussed it will be important to keep up with the changes to the law. An experienced immigration attorney will be well versed in changes and new laws, and can serve as a vital resource to anyone dealing with legal issues related to family-based visas, employment-based visas and other immigration issues.

Source: The Washington Post, "AFL-CIO kicks off campaign for immigration reform," David Nakamura, Feb. 7, 2013

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