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February 2013 Archives

North Carolina will issue driver's licenses to deferred action immigrants

As a nation that is truly a melting pot of culture, the topic of immigration has been at the forefront of the minds of many citizens. Recently there has been a lot of debate concerning U.S. Immigration Law in North Carolina and around the nation. Much of this debate has centered on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals law.

N.C. workers' insurance commission found guilty of poor oversight

When a person in North Carolina is injured, or, in some tragic instances, killed while fulfilling the duties of their job, a number of governmental and legal regulations are frequently depended upon in order to both restore those hurt and their families to physical health, financial stability, and a position of justified dignity. Many of these regulations are upheld and overseen by the state's Industrial Commission.

AFL-CIO discussing immigration reform in North Carolina

With all the discussion surrounding immigration, many different organization have begun to take sides and to hold discussions on the merits of reform bills. The AFL-CIO recently kicked off its nationwide tour to discuss U.S. Immigration Law reform in North Carolina. The union is scheduled to hold 14 rallies across the country in the coming months.

North Carolina court gives injured worker a break

In some cases, employers do the right thing after an employee is injured by providing adequate workers' compensation benefits. At the same time, some employers try to find ways out of providing necessary financial support to employees injured in a workplace accident. A recent court decision in North Carolina helped define what it means to be on the job.

Temporary construction workers struggle with safety, injuries

While construction firms are looking for ways to navigate the recovering economy and real estate market, they may also be looking for ways to preserve their bottom line. In order to do so, they have turned to "contingent workers," who are employed on an as-needed basis, often for little pay. As some in North Carolina may already know, these individuals are often at a high risk of sustaining injuries with little guarantee they will be covered by workers' compensation.

Proposed immigration change much debated in North Carolina

The issue of immigration has long been one of discussion and sometimes contention in this country. Recently, at the national level, there has been a lot of talk surrounding reforms to U.S. Immigration Law. The contemplated reforms have received mixed reviews here in North Carolina.

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