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January 2013 Archives

Puzzling accident injures 1, kills 1 at North Carolina paper mill

Not long ago, three workers contracted by a North Carolina paper plant were involved in an incident that claimed the life of one and left another with work-related injuries. Initial reports indicate that the three men were cleaning out a large tank as part of scheduled maintenance when an unexplained set of events took place.

Immigration laws debated across the country

All across the country, including in North Carolina, states are dealing with immigration laws and the political debates they inspire. Immigration law is constantly changing and in recent years have been the source of a heated debate among our nation's leaders.

North Carolina to issue driver's licenses to immigrants' children

In family immigration situations, it is not unusual for children to be born in other countries and then brought into the United States while they are still young. However, when these children are undocumented immigrants, they can run into problems down the road when it comes to finding employment and enjoying the privileges the United States has to offer. However, US immigration law is changing to address these undocumented children.

Dining sites serve up illness risk for North Carolina farm hands

Researchers from Wake Forest University discovered that a large share of dining facilities built for farm workers present unhealthy and dangerous conditions. Of the 182 North Carolina migrant worker sites surveyed, at least 10 percent of the dining facilities failed to meet a variety of basic health standards. This puts many workers at risk of contracting a serious illness.

Senator introduces his proposal for immigration reform

Florida Senator Marco Rubio released an introduction to his forthcoming proposal for comprehensive immigration reform earlier this week. He emphasized that his approach would "modernize" American immigration policy by focusing more resources and visa availability for those seeking a path to citizenship through employment-based immigration and merit-based immigration. In addition, the plan will allow certain undocumented immigrants currently residing in the U.S. to become citizens through a permanent residency provision.

North Carolina woman gets new chance at employer negligence claim

In the difficult months after her son's on-the-job death, a North Carolina woman was denied the opportunity to pursue a lawsuit, despite laws that should've allowed the claim to move ahead. The young man was employed by a staffing agency to work at a county landfill. Because her son was working for a subcontractor, the woman believes she should have the ability to pursue a third-party claim against the county.

North Carolina commercial fisherman dies in unexpected accident

In an unforeseeable twist of events, a 34-year-old commercial fisherman from North Carolina died on the job. According to preliminary news reports, the fisherman was on his boat when he was caught in some equipment and sustained a fatal injury.

DOMA and same-sex spouse deportation risk

Last week we began a discussion about the intersection between comprehensive immigration reform and the needs of same-sex couples. We noted that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has cited reform of bi-national same-sex immigration as a primary principle for advocacy in the upcoming legislative session. However, current federal family-based immigration law may soon result in the deportation of an untold number of same-sex immigrant spouses currently residing in the United States.

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