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North Carolina roofer nearly broke after compensation denied

Over the last year, much attention has been given to the epidemic of employers who do not purchase workers' compensation insurance policies in North Carolina. Although a lot of attention has been given to legislative and legal efforts to punish these negligent employers, not as much attention has been given to the employees who suffer the most.

One North Carolina construction worker is acutely aware of how his employer's failure to have workers' compensation insurance has drained him -- both emotionally and financially. In 2008, the man fell off a roof at a worksite. Under normal circumstances, he should have received compensation from his employer with few issues. Unfortunately, however, that was not the case.

The roofer's employer did not have workers' compensation insurance, so the man was never paid. At this point, the roofer is owed at least $70,000 in lost wages, but his employer has only paid out $75. This is even after roofer's employer has faced legal pressure for another involving a worker who is owed $100,000.

Instead of receiving the compensation the injured worker deserves, he scrapes by with help from various public programs. The man is simply exhausted by his efforts to receive payment from his employer, as he has yet to be made "whole" again after four long years.

Not only does this story highlight the dangers of the construction industry, but it also highlights the importance of following through after workers' compensation benefits are not disbursed. By taking swift legal action, injured construction workers may be able to recoup the benefits they have been denied. This way, workers and their families can get the financial support they need and avoid becoming financially distressed.

Source: Charlotte Observer, "Seeking help for hurt N.C. workers," Mandy Locke, Dec. 27, 2012

  • Our firm has worked with injured North Carolina construction workers to obtain the compensation they are owed. To find our more, please check out our Greensboro workplace injury page.

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