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North Carolina group seeks inclusive construction safety training

Working in the construction industry carries certain risks, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the chance that a worker will be seriously injured on the job. Implementing an effective safety training program is one way to do that. Currently, however, some are saying that many construction safety training programs do not meet the needs of North Carolina workers.

The leader of the Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas recently redoubled his efforts to see that more safety training sessions are taught in Spanish. At this point, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides safety notices and other published materials in Spanish, but that information does not always reach the construction workers who need it.

Of particular concern for Spanish-speaking workers is that many training sessions are not conducted in the language they best understand. Safety training sessions are a crucial time for workers to learn how they can best perform their job while still preserving their health. If workers enter a worksite unprepared to deal with potential dangers, they are obviously in a particularly risky situation.

In past years, construction trade groups have focused on reducing fall accidents, which are among the leading causes of construction site deaths. Though there has been a reduction in these accidents, some believe that more effective training that tailors to the needs of workers will help reduce accidents of all kinds.

When a construction is injured in the normal course of their job duties, they may be entitled to financial support through workers' compensation. This benefit can be used to cover lost wages during recovery and any medical bills that arise.

Furthermore, if some extenuating factor led to the accident, additional compensation can be obtained through a third-party claim. The legalities surrounding workers' compensation and legal claims can be convoluted, so it's important to be fully advised of your rights in the wake of a workplace accident.


  • Our firm is equipped to handle the legal issues surrounding workplace accident cases. To learn about how you can gain compensation after a construction site accident, please see our Greensboro workplace injury page.

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