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Illegal immigrants to get aid attending college in North Carolina

Education, particularly a post-secondary education, opens many doors to future employment and successful careers. But for many undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and around the country, achieving that educational dream can be very difficult. Under immigration laws, federal financial aid is withheld from students who are unable to prove their legal status.

In addition, some states prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving an in-state tuition discount, creating further financial impediments to earning a college diploma. North Carolina could become the next state to adopt such a measure if a bill currently under consideration in Raleigh is enacted into law. The bill has created considerable controversy and is presently stalled in a legislative committee.

But one businessman is looking to help undocumented immigrants achieve their educational aspirations. The CEO has established an organization that will provide scholarships for undocumented students to attend certain North Carolina colleges. Four years of tuition, housing and food costs would be covered by the scholarship. In addition, those who earn the scholarship would receive help in obtaining internships and employment.

The business executive is still in negotiations on the exact details with the North Carolina colleges, whose names have not been announced. It is believed that the colleges would help the undocumented scholarship recipients by offering lower tuition rates or by giving money to the CEO's organization.

The organization is named Golden Scholars, and more than 100 students have applied so far for scholarships. The CEO said that he hoped other companies and executives would join his cause to provide college educations for undocumented students.

Source: FOX News Latino, "CEO Drops $1 Million for Undocumented Immigrant College Scholarships, Partners with North Carolina Universities," Bryan Llenas, Oct. 17, 2012

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