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Teamwork could improve worker safety at construction sites

Whenever construction accidents result in serious injury or death, employers should always be looking for ways to improve workplace safety for their crews. A recent construction accident, involving heavy machinery, serves as a reminder that simple safety measures can go a long way to protect the safety of North Carolina workers. When safety precautions fail, however, workers' compensation benefits are often a welcome financial safety net.

During the very early hours of the morning, tragedy struck when a road construction worker was pinned under a paving machine. The man was struck by the piece of machinery and was trapped underneath it for 45 minutes. He was finally rescued by a fire crew, but is still listed in critical condition at the hospital.

As for now, workplace safety and company officials say they will investigate the incident in order to determine what went wrong. Some details of the accident are still being disputed. Initial news reports suggest that the paving machine fell onto the worker twice after it was lifted off of him, but construction management has denied that claim.

Observers of the accident are raising serious doubt as to whether the "buddy system" was in use at this particular construction site. When working with heavy equipment, having co-workers keep an eye on each other can dramatically reduce the chance of accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, simply having workers "spot" one another could have prevented this accident entirely.

For those who are injured in the course of their work-related duties, a successful workers' compensation claim may be just the thing to help injured workers and their families remain financially solvent until going back to work is an option. This is why it's important to be advised of your rights when injured on the job.


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  • Our firm has handled a wide variety of construction site accident cases. To learn more, please see our Greensboro workplace injury page.

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