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North Carolina electrical worker fatally shocked at worksite

Anyone who has worked with live electrical lines knows what kind of danger exists. This is precisely why electrical workers deserve to be adequately trained and provided with safety equipment in order to minimize the risk of catastrophic injury on the job. As one North Carolina man's family discovered, even being cautious doesn't always prevent workplace accidents from occurring.

Recently, an electrical worker from Aberdeen, North Carolina, was working out of state when sudden tragedy struck. As he was performing work on an electrical box in the late afternoon, the 47-year-old man was fatally electrocuted. Officials are currently investigating the incident.

At this point, there is no clear indication why the man was electrocuted, but many believe it was simply an accident. On the day of the accident, there was severe weather in the area, but preliminary investigations do not suggest this factored into the man's untimely death. The hope, for the man's loved ones, is that further investigation will provide more concrete answers.

Even in cases where there are no obvious safety violations, a workplace injury may warrant a workers' compensation claim. In this particular case, the electrical worker's family may receive survivors' benefits through a workers' compensation program. These benefits can be used to cover funeral expenses, in addition to the financial strain of lost income.

When a person is seriously or fatally injured at a worksite through no fault of their own, those affected deserve the support of the employer. The days and weeks after a work-related accident can be draining in so many ways. As such, financial assistance can help the accident victim's family make the difficult, but necessary, post-accident adjustments.

Source: The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, "Union County officials investigating death of power company employee," Trevor Anderson, Sep. 6, 2012

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