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Immigration reform a pressing issue for North Carolina farmer

"It was either go overboard, get arrested, or jump on the ship," said a North Carolina farmer. He was talking about his ancestor who came over from England nearly three centuries ago. "He got on the ship, and this is where he ended up." That man began an American dream that has blossomed into 3,000 acres of farmland and a local cotton gin used to clean the cotton harvested from the fields.

The farmer says that not only was his family's success started with an immigrant who was able to become a citizen, but it was and continues to be the help of other immigrants that make it possible today. Now, the farmer watches in anticipation as the political debates heat up as November draws closer and immigration reform remains an important issue in his mind.

As he shared his family's success, the farmer related his belief that those who work for him deserve the same chance that his family got, but obtaining citizenship is not an easy road for everyone. One important political issue for this farmer is deportation of the children of those who may have come here outside of the formal process. The farmer hopes that "those young people can become productive citizens without having constantly looking over their shoulder."

"Being a state that has a large agricultural industry, I think there are a lot of people in the business -- and people who know people that are in the agricultural business - that know that this industry relies on immigrant labor," said the director of the Elon University Poll.

Source: Marketplace, "North Carolina farmer ties success to immigration," David Gura, Sept. 5, 2012

If you are an immigrant seeking U.S. citizenship, our North Carolina Family-Based Immigration page provides information.

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