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Robert Downey injured while working on North Carolina movie set

Though movie stars are typically known for living glamorous lifestyles, which many do, it's hard to remember that they are also susceptible to injury on the job. One of Hollywood's biggest stars, Robert Downey Jr., recently discovered this after an on-set workplace accident in North Carolina created setbacks for production of his latest film.

While performing stunts for "Iron Man 3," the forthcoming installment of the wildly successful superhero franchise, the actor injured his ankle. Though exact details of the injury were not released, it's expected that film production will be delayed for a short period of time.

In interviews before the accident, Downey commented that he would be giving it his all while filming this movie, so it's understandable that he sustained an injury as the result of a workplace accident.

Though most North Carolinians are obviously not starring in a blockbuster film, this injury raises similar questions for those concerned about workplace safety and injuries. When workers are injured in the course of doing their job, they may be entitled to a monetary benefit to cover lost wages and related medical expenses. In fact, North Carolina employers in North Carolina are most often required to carry workers' compensation insurance to take care of these expenses in the event of an accident.

Just as Downey is unable to continue working for a period of time due to his work-related injury, many workers become temporarily sidelined as the result of an injury. Even a couple weeks away from work could create serious financial distress if workers' compensation benefits aren't properly disbursed. For those employees looking to secure benefits after an accident, seeking out trustworthy, honest advice may be the best way to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

Source: CNN, "Robert Downey Jr. injures ankle on set of 'Iron Man 3'," Anthony Breznican, Aug. 16, 2012

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