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Greensboro worker crushed by truck trailer, dies at worksite

One Greensboro family is reeling after the unfortunate consequences of a recent industrial accident. According to reports, the local man was on the job when he became pinned between a semi truck trailer and the truck's cab. He was discovered by fellow workers and passed away onsite.

Greensboro Police received a call during the morning hours of the workday regarding a serious workplace accident. When emergency officials arrived, the 43-year-old North Carolina man was still caught between the truck and trailer. Initial investigations revealed that the worker was in the path of the truck as the driver was connecting with the trailer.

No one else was injured in this accident, according to police reports.

At this point, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, in conjunction with local authorities, is determining what exactly caused the accident and why the truck's driver failed to yield to the industrial worker.

Fortunately, for the victim's family -- as well as the company's other employees -- the employer appears to be fully cooperative with all of the agencies involved in the accident inquiry. The company has also indicated that they will launch an internal investigation into the incident.

In addition to expressing their condolences to the man's loved ones, the company has said that they are willing to provide them with all the "necessary support and assistance" in the wake of the accident. Employers are often expected to issue survivor's benefits in the event of a fatal workplace injury under North Carolina workers' compensation laws. This financial aid can be essential when the affected family is coping with their grief.

Of course, the days and weeks after losing a loved one can be upsetting and confusing. In order to receive all the appropriate support, it may be helpful to contact a legal professional familiar with the relevant workers' compensation laws in order to ease the stress associated with such tragic events.


  • If you have questions about serious or fatal workplace injuries, it may be helpful to visit our Greensboro workers' compensation page. Our firm is equipped to sort through the details of a work-related accident, such as the one detailed in this blog post.

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