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North Carolina employers risk jail time for unpaid workers' comp

When a worker is injured while performing the regular duties of their job, they are often entitled to worker's compensation to cover medical expenses and any lost wages. In some cases, these payments are made without any disputes between employee and employer. However, the state of North Carolina is making a serious effort to hold irresponsible employers accountable for neglecting the needs of their injured employees.

At this time, the North Carolina Industrial Commission is finally taking action against employers who do not carry the insurance necessary to benefit their workers in the case of a work-related injury or illness. After a state media outlet covered the issue of unpaid injured workers, the Industrial Commission decided to do something about this ongoing problem.

In many cases, the employers had already been ordered to make workers' compensation payments, but have failed to follow the orders of state officials. In one case, an employer had not made paid benefits to his employees a full seven years after the state issued an order for payments to be made. Many North Carolina workers have been forced to wait too long for their benefits, due to their company's refusal to act and inconsistent enforcement on the part of state officials.

In total, the state is pursuing action against nearly 100 employers. As a result, employers could face jail time for failing to make workers' compensation payments and carry the insurance necessary to protect employees.

It's a very unfortunate situation in which an employee is entirely at the mercy of an employer who refuses to provide them with the benefits necessary to pull through the difficult months after a workplace accident. Though the government took a number of years to act in some cases, North Carolina officials are finally holding employers accountable for their negligence. Hopefully this movement will help workers receive the benefits they deserve.

Source: The News & Observer, "See employers targeted in workers' compensation hearings," May 4, 2012

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