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May 2012 Archives

Immigrants could be affected by revised version of VAWA

Immigrants in North Carolina and around the country face a number of challenges. Some face the additional obstacle of being in an abusive relationship, but the Violence Against Women Act has provided them with some protection. The Act is up for renewal, and both chambers of Congress have passed competing versions of the Act, but they are vastly different and have distinctly disparate effects on immigrants in this country. The Senate version would increase the protections currently available to immigrants, while the House rendition would curtail a number of provisions of the law that protect immigrants who are the victims of domestic violence.

As summer approaches, employers should prepare for the heat

Most North Carolina residents view summer as time to get together with family and friends for barbecues and fishing trips. Though summertime can be filled with fun, scorching-hot weather raises numerous concerns for those who work outdoors, particularly agricultural workers and road crews.

Study reveals that OSHA safety checks don't hurt company profits

Though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been a bastion of workplace safety for decades, the agency is not without its critics. Many have argued that OSHA regulations and inspections designed to prevent workplace accidents actively cut into North Carolina employers' profits, preventing them from hiring additional employees and expanding operations.

Some lawful permanent residents may face tougher deportations

While North Carolina residents and the General Assembly wait for the release of the Supreme Court's opinion on the high-profile immigration case involving a state's ability to create immigration law, the high court released a potentially influential opinion today in another immigration case. That case involved the interpretation of an immigration law regarding the deportation of lawful permanent residents.

Federal court in North Carolina hears important immigration case

An important immigration case has reached the federal court system. It involves the application of new immigration rules to an illegal immigrant who has resided in this country after he arrived here with his parents as a young teenager. He has been living and gainfully employed in the United States for a number of years, and is now a married father of two.

North Carolina employers risk jail time for unpaid workers' comp

When a worker is injured while performing the regular duties of their job, they are often entitled to worker's compensation to cover medical expenses and any lost wages. In some cases, these payments are made without any disputes between employee and employer. However, the state of North Carolina is making a serious effort to hold irresponsible employers accountable for neglecting the needs of their injured employees.

Asbestos uncovered while constructing North Carolina power plant

On a major industrial construction site, heavy-duty machinery and scaffolding are probably considered to be among the most likely causes of a workplace accident. However, some work-related health issues take more time to develop. Although asbestos has been banned from new construction for many years, many North Carolina workers are still threatened by the long-term health risks posed by the harmful substance.

Some North Carolina immigrants could have deportation suspended

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported its highest-ever number of deportations last fiscal year. The agency removed approximately 400,000 people from the country. Despite setting a deportation record, a limit on resources prevents the government from pursuing every immigration case. Therefore, the government has announced a new immigration process that prioritizes certain cases while putting others on hold.

North Carolina waits for high court's ruling in immigration case

Earlier last month, we discussed the North Carolina General Assembly's hesitation to craft new immigration legislation until the Supreme Court heard and decided the highly important case now on its docket. That case involves a challenge to Senate Bill 1070, one state's attempt to impose stricter immigration policies within its borders.

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