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General Motors battery testing accident injures 1 lab worker

Oftentimes, we report on North Carolina businesses that fail to enact the safety precautions necessary to prevent workplace accidents. In these cases, workers unfortunately sustain severe injuries or die as a result of employer negligence. The consequences of such incidents are devastating for workers and their families as they struggle with the changes they are forced to make.

Fortunately, not every workplace accident is completely the result of employer negligence. While working on a battery prototype at a General Motors research facility, at least five people were caught up in an unexpected explosion. Apparently, noxious gases began to emerge from a battery while it was in an enclosed chamber. The fumes ignited and fueled an explosion that caused all five to be examined at by medical professionals and only one was sent to the hospital.

Dealing with dangerous chemicals can put employees in a very risky situation. If the appropriate steps are not taken, the results of an accident can be completely devastating. Although there has not been an official accident report on the overall safety of the research lab, General Motors reiterated their commitment to safety in a public statement.

Even though many employers do take safety precautions, accidents cannot always be prevented. The General Motors employee who was sent to the hospital for treatment will quite possibly be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, because he was injured while completing his work-related duties. Depending on the severity of his injuries, his ability to carry out his job in the future may be impacted. A case like this is a good reason for employers to re-evaluate their safety measures to find ways to further improve overall worker safety, even if they are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Source: WDIV-TV News, "Battery explosion blows out lab windows at building in General Motors Tech Center in Warren," April 11, 2012

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