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April 2012 Archives

North Carolina safety officials underreport workplace deaths

No family deserves to deal with the death of a loved as a result of a workplace accident caused by unsafe working conditions. Yet the situation may be worse when the families feel as though they are being treated unjustly. A recently released report suggests that numerous work-related deaths are not being accounted for by North Carolina workplace safety agencies.

Reduction in immigration could hurt North Carolina farms

Many immigrants from Mexico call North Carolina home, but recent immigration figures from that country reveal a changing dynamic that could affect this state's agricultural sector. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, immigration from Mexico to the United States is down, while immigration from the United States to Mexico is up.

Transportation officials mark National Work Zone Awareness Week

As spring becomes summer, drivers in North Carolina are likely to see an increase in the number of crews working to build or repair roadways. Just in time for the ongoing change in seasons, federal transportation officials have noted that this week is officially National Work Zone Awareness Week. What began as one state's effort to curb road construction worker accidents has spread to North Carolina and the rest of the nation.

Immigrant will not face deportation after leaving country

The Supreme Court is expected to have a significant effect on U.S. immigration law when it decides the legality of state-enacted immigration policies. But last month the Court ruled on a less-publicized immigration issue--one that may be of interest to North Carolina residents.

General Motors battery testing accident injures 1 lab worker

Oftentimes, we report on North Carolina businesses that fail to enact the safety precautions necessary to prevent workplace accidents. In these cases, workers unfortunately sustain severe injuries or die as a result of employer negligence. The consequences of such incidents are devastating for workers and their families as they struggle with the changes they are forced to make.

Performance visa rules grow more complex for foreign artists

Many North Carolina residents like to take in a show at the local theater or see a concert. But some foreign acts might not be coming to perform in this country anymore. Foreign musicians, actors and other performance artists are discovering that the government's immigration laws are becoming increasingly restrictive, often making travel to the United States not worth their while.

Amazon pushes employees to work through injuries, illness

Readers in North Carolina know that Amazon has gained a tremendous reputation for selling books, and many other consumer goods, to customers from the comfort of their homes. The online retail giant is known for is speedy turn-around times between orders and delivery. However, that efficiency is coming at a cost: worker health and safety.

New immigration laws will wait for now in North Carolina

The North Carolina General Assembly has turned its attention to immigration recently, but aside from bills already under consideration, the legislative body will refrain in the short term from creating any new laws affecting immigration. The reason is that it does not want to enact legislation that could be invalidated after the Supreme Court rules on current challenges to other states' immigration rules.

North Carolina drops the ball on workers' compensation insurance

Carolina law requires employers with three or more employees to either purchase workers' compensation insurance, or certify to the state that they have the resources to cover the costs of employee injuries. While that may seem like a reasonable and effective proposition, the reality faced by more and more injured North Carolina workers is not so worker friendly.

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