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North Carolina man killed in tragic excavator accident

Heavy equipment used at Greensboro construction sites can often be dangerous for those operating it and working nearby. Though using such equipment carries risk, there are precautions that employers can take to prevent a serious construction site accident. The threat of dangerous working conditions is the very reason why there are legal protections to promote worker safety.

A recent incident at a North Carolina worksite underscores the need for stringent safety measures to protect construction workers. In the morning hours of a recent work day, a man employed by a grading firm was struck by an excavator. The man sustained catastrophic injuries and was rushed to a local hospital to receive treatment. Nothing could be done to save the man, as he later died.

The North Carolina Department of Labor will be looking into the circumstances of the accident, in order to determine if the proper safety measures were taken by the excavation company. State officials launch an investigation every time someone dies at work. In the course of the investigation, any prior safety infractions will be considered as the state determines what led to the fatal incident.

Nothing can bring the man back to his loved ones. However, if employer negligence leads to serious injury or wrongful death at a construction site, the victim or their family may be entitled to seek compensation for their suffering. Though a monetary reward will not undo the hurt and suffering that stems from a workplace accident, it can help families begin the process of healing.

Not only can workers' compensation injury claims help the families of the injured, but it can also help other workers feel protected in the future. If a company is cited for unsafe working conditions or faces a legal claim, it is a reason for them to enhance their safety measures. Unfortunately, the desire to keep employees happy and healthy is not always enough to put safety precautions into practice.

Source: WBTV, "Clover man killed in industrial accident in Gaston Co.," Chris Dyches, Feb. 27, 2012

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