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March 2012 Archives

Immigration courts make bail available to more immigrants

One of the many challenges that some immigrants face is being detained, apart from their families, until their case is heard and decided. But for some, this is changing. Immigration courts in North Carolina and around the country are allowing illegal immigrants to post bail in greater numbers.

Employers required to keep accurate illness and injury logs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration implements and enforces various policies to keep employees healthy at their workplace. Without the cooperation of employers, the regulations cannot benefit North Carolina employees. Whenever a workplace accident occurs, any related illnesses or injuries that occur must be accurately documented and posted in a common space at the place of work. This allows employees to understand what their employers are doing to carry out safety measures and provides the government with accident statistics.

Deported man may lose children born in North Carolina

In 2003, a man came to North Carolina seeking a better life. He came to this country illegally, but he soon married a U.S. citizen and had three children. He was their only source of support and income, as his wife had a mental disability. But immigration officials discovered and deported him to Mexico, splitting his family into pieces. His children now reside with two foster families because his wife cannot provide for them and authorities refuse to reunite them in Mexico.

Study: The effects of North Carolina workers' compensation reform

Being involved in a serious workplace accident is a difficult and emotional experience for those injured and their family members. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to ease the difficult days and weeks following an accident. Last year, North Carolina lawmakers enacted laws intended to improve existing workers' compensation laws for workers and their employers. The Workers Compensation Research institute recently released a preliminary report from their ongoing study of the effects of last year's changes.

Representative speaks on behalf of immigrant in North Carolina

Much has been written recently about the shift in Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy towards pursuing for deportation those immigrants with criminal records. But some are asking whether the government might be casting too large a net. Immigrants who have committed relatively minor crimes may get swept up by the new policy, and a Congressman is urging ICE to reconsider the case of one such illegal immigrant.

Restaurant explosion injures 3 workers in North Carolina

Businesses are always looking for ways to give themselves an advantage over their competitors. Unfortunately, one North Carolina restaurant's efforts to improve their facilities proved dangerous for three workers who were injured in a kitchen explosion. The exact circumstances of the workplace accident are still under investigation.

ICE declines to deport two immigrants in North Carolina protest

Immigration issues are at the forefront of the American political discussion at the moment. This is an election year, and some voters will undoubtedly be affected by the candidates' stances on immigration law. Immigration policies will affect North Carolina significantly. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, our state is home to approximately 325,000 "unauthorized immigrants," a category that the Center has created for immigrants born outside the U.S. but who do not fall under the heading "undocumented immigrants."

North Carolina man killed in tragic excavator accident

Heavy equipment used at Greensboro construction sites can often be dangerous for those operating it and working nearby. Though using such equipment carries risk, there are precautions that employers can take to prevent a serious construction site accident. The threat of dangerous working conditions is the very reason why there are legal protections to promote worker safety.

Secure Communities program leads to ICE raid

Much has been written recently in North Carolina and other states about the government's increased efforts to uncover illegal immigrants who do not have clean criminal records. At the vanguard of this immigration policy is the controversial Secure Communities program, which mandates closer cooperation between state and federal agencies on immigration issues. In particular, when local police make an arrest, the program requires that any fingerprints taken be sent to the Department of Homeland Security.

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