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Incentives for safe workplaces offered by North Carolina agency

Safety should always be the top priority for employers and their employees. When a workplace is unhealthy or unsafe, it limits an individual's potential to perform to their potential and unnecessarily risks their well-being. The North Carolina Labor Department is doing its part to reduce workers' compensation claims through an incentive-based program.

The labor department plans to issue commendations to employers that exhibit consistent above-average levels of safety on the job and proactive health programs for employees. In order to obtain the award, businesses must not have any work-related fatalities on their record and have below-average illness rates.

These awards are designed to get employers and employees motivated to improve the overall safety of working conditions. When a business receives recognition for their safety measures, it's a positive signal to their local communities. As such, lowering accident rates would lower costs incurred by a business to pay worker's compensation, improve the overall health of the employees and stimulate business due to the positive recognition. In a few words, everybody stands to gain from safer workplaces.

It's the duty of an employer to make sure their employees are safe while they work. In cases where employers fail to fulfill their responsibility to keep workers as safe as possible, employees are subjected to untold dangers. When a company's negligence results in a workplace injury or illness, employees have the ability to seek justice for what they lose. Being injured at work can be costly for both employees and employers. Hopefully, programs such as the one initiated in North Carolina can successfully improve the health and safety of workers everywhere.

Source: Mount Airy News, "Labor department urges businesses to apply for safety awards," Jan. 31, 2012

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