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February 2012 Archives

Workers exposed to ongoing risk of dust explosions

Just over nine years ago, a fiberglass insulation plant exploded due to an accumulation of resin dust throughout the plant. The dreadful explosion claimed the lives of seven people and injured several others. An investigation revealed that a defective furnace ignited the dust. Since that time, no regulations have been installed to protect North Carolina workers against the threat of from dust explosions.

Supreme Court rules that tax fraud has immigration consequences

It is now late February, and North Carolina residents are likely gathering last year's financial information in preparation for the mid-April deadline for filing tax returns. While it is important for all taxpayers to fill out their returns faithfully and accurately, it may be even more important for those who do not yet have U.S. citizenship, as a recent Supreme Court case reveals.

Carbon monoxide may have played role North Carolina death

The work-related risks most often associated with driving a bus are the hazards on the road. However, one North Carolina bus driver's family believes their loved one was exposed to lethal amount of carbon monoxide on the job. This type of workplace accident is a reminder of the many dangers employees may face while working.

North Carolina farmers push for visa reform for immigrants

Farming constitutes a significant part of many states' economies, including North Carolina's. Few Americans enter the farming workforce, however, so the agricultural industry has increasingly turned to immigrant workers to fill its ranks. But many farmers and their workers find themselves at the mercy of immigration law.

North Carolina fire department fined for 17 OSHA violations

North Carolina Labor Department officials leveled a large fine against a fire department for failing to ensure the safety of work and training sites. The department was issued a total of 17 citations for exposing personnel to potential workplace accidents that could lead to serious illness or injury.

Lawsuit aims to protect mentally ill immigrants in court

Immigrants in North Carolina often have to overcome many hurdles to enter and remain in the United States. The task can be even more daunting to those immigrants with mental illnesses. To make matters worse, the government has not given courts sufficient guidance regarding how to deal with mentally ill immigrants, especially those who do not have a lawyer to represent them.

Firefighter sustains injury in North Carolina mill blaze

Emergency service workers hold a special place in society. When we are evacuating burning buildings, they are the ones running into the structure to rescue those trapped inside and minimize damage. Of course, these jobs are risky. One North Carolina firefighter learned about the dangers of fighting fires as he received a workplace injury when his department was called to extinguish a massive fire at an old textile mill.

North Carolina NASCAR racing shop catches fire

Workplace accidents can happen when employers do not carefully follow safety regulations required by law and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. When an accident occurs and workers are injured, they are entitled to seek workers' compensation to help cover medical costs and replace lost income.

Incentives for safe workplaces offered by North Carolina agency

Safety should always be the top priority for employers and their employees. When a workplace is unhealthy or unsafe, it limits an individual's potential to perform to their potential and unnecessarily risks their well-being. The North Carolina Labor Department is doing its part to reduce workers' compensation claims through an incentive-based program.

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