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North Carolina teenager killed in construction accident

North Carolina residents that are involved in accidents on the job may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits to pay for financial losses due to medical bills or lost wages. When a fatality occurs as a result of construction workers' accidents, compensation may be sought for wrongful death if third parties are found to be negligent. One North Carolina family may be entitled to such compensation after losing a family member in a construction site accident.

The fatality occurred in South Carolina late last month when an 18-year-old man was involved in an accident with a backhoe. He was working for a construction company at the site of the future Giordana Velodrome in Rock Hill. The new Velodrome is being constructed to host the 2012 and 2013 USA Cycling National Championship.

Construction workers' accidents occur frequently on the job, but do not always end in fatality. Unfortunately for this teenager, he was involved in an accident that took his life. Although initial media reports do not reveal the details of the accident, reports indicate he was taken to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill where he was pronounced dead.

A complete investigation of this accident will give answers to many questions the surviving family is likely asking in the event of this untimely death.

Other families that find themselves in a similar situation may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in workers' compensation cases. The attorney can help family members determine who the negligent parties may be and help them obtain any necessary compensation for their loss.

Source: The Republic, "Charlotte man killed at Rock Hill construction site in back hoe accident," Nov. 28, 2011

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