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Soldier becomes U.S. Citizen, hopes to see his father again

The American Dream: it is something that more than citizens want to achieve. For some, the "American Dream" means becoming a citizen of the United States of America. After years of struggle, one young man's dream recently came true when he was granted full U.S. Citizenship. Now, he hopes to help his father do the same.

The young man's journey began in 2005 when his parents brought him and his brothers and sisters into the United States on visas. His mother and father worked hard to obtain that dream coveted by so many. His father started his own business that facilitated the repair of vehicles and distribution to Panama. His mother became a cosmetologist.

Everything was going as planned until their visas expired. The family was told that they would become subject to deportation. The stress caused his parents to split. They divorced and his mother disappeared for two years only to return in 2008 with her new citizenship gained through marriage. Eventually, his mother turned in his father to Immigration officials who deported him from the country.

Left on their own, the young man had to help raise his siblings. Eventually, he found comfort and a sense of family with a sergeant in the United States Army. There, he enrolled in high school, became a manager at a Pizza Hut and worked a second job as a bagger at a grocery store. Eventually, he entered into the U.S. Armed Forces to follow in the footsteps of the man who took him in. Under an Executive Order signed in July of 2002, he was able to obtain expedited citizenship. He was one of the approximately 70,000 non-citizens serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in 2011.

Now, a citizen, he claimed that it was an amazing moment for him. He also dreamed of another amazing moment, the day that he could see his father return to the U.S. as a legal citizen. The father cannot gain citizenship through service like his son, but there are experienced immigration attorneys who will help fight for family members who want citizenship.

Source: dividshub.net, "Dream Come True.' Florida soldier becomes U.S. Citizen, H.S. Graduate," Capt. Kyle Key, Nov. 22, 2011

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